Helping You To Manage Calf‑Health - Your Future Herd

Know-how Worth Knowing

Calves are the future of every dairy farm. The best practices and products provided here will help you to make a positive difference to both stock health and farm productivity.


Calf hygiene

Practical tips for how to manage calf pens and clean equipment to limit the spread of scours. Watch Video Fact-Sheet

Hygiene – one crucial discipline in the fight against scours. Simple, systematic practices that save time, money, stress... and calves.

Colostrum management

The 3 Q’s of colostrum management, plus tips to manage them. Watch Video Fact-Sheet

Colostrum – one key ingredient to bolster the immature immune system of new-born calves. With around 1/3 of calves in New Zealand lacking good quality colostrum soon after birth... there are three Qs that provide a memorable framework for healthier calves.

Identify and treat scours

Knowing what to do at the first sign of calf scours will save you stress this season. Watch Video Fact-Sheet

Hydration and electrolyte management – two critical factors in preventing the on-set of scours. Here we cover some best practices, but also the tell-tale signs of scours... plus some effective responses. Ultimately every farm benefits from having healthier, more productive calves refreshing herds.